Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Bliss/Mirabilia

Here is my first wip pic of my first Mirabilia, Mother's Bliss. I have loved this pattern since the first time I saw a picture of someone elses finished project on one of the many xstitch boards I have frequented over the years. It reminds me of my daughter and I finally broke down and bought the pattern a few months ago and I am loving every stitch of it!


  1. Gorgeous stitching, very pretty colours.

  2. Beautiful! Hope you can get back to stitching full time. Read on the HAED board that you ad an injury.

  3. thank you! Yes, had a accident the first of July, really messed things up for me but am slowly getting back to, well life lol! Good news I am stitching a bit, slowly but every bit counts right?!